I work as a real estate broker primarily in Yachats, Waldport, and Newport, Oregon. I’m happy to go as far east as Toledo or as far north as Depoe Bay and Lincoln City.

I also refer people to expert brokers in Portland and anywhere else you are interested in buying or selling real estate within the United States.


I work to empower my clients. I do this by teaching them what they need to know to make confident decisions. We work together to make your transactions successful, however you define success.

I believe in building community.  I’d love to be the real estate broker that fits your network for years to come.

I also believe in stewardship of the environment in all areas of life. This starts at home with energy efficient upgrades, using sustainable materials, planting pollinator gardens, and installing native landscaping. I’m an Earth Advantage Certified Broker and former OSU Master Gardener. I can connect you to resources that take these considerations into account. 

I support the LGBTQI+ community by wholeheartedly embracing my fellow members, organizing, and participating in community events and organizations.