Month: August 2014

drip irrigation

Gardening opened up for me when I realized how important a steady, reliable supply of water is to plants. Even with the best intentions and lots of time invested standing over my garden with a hose, they didn’t flourish until I finally installed drip irrigation lines. Not only does it make watering relatively hands-off (after initial setup,) but it is also much more environmentally friendly due to increased efficiency.

I purchased my system components from Home Depot. Any gardening store or large hardware store should carry what you need.

Here are a few really great links to get you started.

Thompson and Morgan (the above photo is from this site)

Irrigation Tutorials (I especially like their diagram of the backflow setup)

Earth Easy (I started with soaker hoses in some places and ended up replacing them all with either drips or sprinklers. I think soakers work well if you have a dedicated water source, but not if you are trying to use them in combination with other types of attachments.)

My garden is flourishing this year with the new system! (photo above)





custom cabinets

When you go through a remodel, the options can be overwhelming. Here are photos of a few custom cabinets that I had made for my new closet. My shoes, boots, leather gloves, and jewelry now have great places to be displayed and stored! The jewelry and glove cabinets have two-sided full length mirrors on the doors. They open 180 degrees and face each other, so I can arrange them to see myself front and back. Pretty awesome!

IMG_2649IMG_2655 IMG_2657 IMG_2664 IMG_2667

50 Licks

It’s been so warm in Portland this summer, but luckily we have a lot of delicious ice cream stores to try! 50 Licks is just around the corner from Portland Digs. They have very creative flavors that are a bit more subtle than similar artisanal ice cream shops. I like subtle. I tried jasmine tea ice cream, a coconut saffron vegan flavor, and ended up purchasing Tahitian vanilla with bee pollen as topping. Yum. I got it in a cup out of habit, but then found out that their waffle cones are gluten-free! She gave me one for free since I was so excited about that. Also fun, is the art on the walls. They are common pastoral landscapes that you might find in a second hand store, but someone has painted in giant ice cream cones.

IMG_2640 copyIMG_2634 copy  IMG_2633 copy IMG_2641



August report

One of the best things about being a real estate broker is having access to so much information about the market.

The charts in this post are provided directly from RMLS. Together, they illustrate that we have a seller’s market right now in the Portland metro area. The inventory is much lower than it has been in a couple of years and time on the market is so much shorter than it was recently. However, with interest rates looking like they will possibly change soon, it would still be a good idea to buy now if at all possible.


New Cascadia Traditional

We are so spoiled in Portland with dedicated gluten-free bakeries. New Cascadia Traditional is pretty close to my house; I’m a regular. My favorite treat is their pecan cashew bar, but everything is delicious. Funny thing, although I’m not vegan I do prefer the vegan cupcakes to the dairy version. The coffee bar is good, with alternative milk options. The rustic baguettes are incredibly hearty. (In a future post I will have to tell you about Devil’s Dill, which uses¬†their baguettes for incredible gluten-free sandwiches.) Visit their website.

IMG_2331 IMG_2332 IMG_2333