drip irrigation

Gardening opened up for me when I realized how important a steady, reliable supply of water is to plants. Even with the best intentions and lots of time invested standing over my garden with a hose, they didn’t flourish until I finally installed drip irrigation lines. Not only does it make watering relatively hands-off (after initial setup,) but it is also much more environmentally friendly due to increased efficiency.

I purchased my system components from Home Depot. Any gardening store or large hardware store should carry what you need.

Here are a few really great links to get you started.

Thompson and Morgan (the above photo is from this site)

Irrigation Tutorials (I especially like their diagram of the backflow setup)

Earth Easy (I started with soaker hoses in some places and ended up replacing them all with either drips or sprinklers. I think soakers work well if you have a dedicated water source, but not if you are trying to use them in combination with other types of attachments.)

My garden is flourishing this year with the new system! (photo above)