Month: September 2014

green building

I thought I would share some links to green housing resources in Portland!

Green Hammer. Spend some time on this site. They have a great portfolio and lots of good information.

JRA Green Building. Another amazing building company.

City of Portland Planning and Sustainability Green Building Publications.

Green Depot. A source for green building supplies.

Hammer & Hand. Local contractors with a page about passive house construction.

House Alive! Resource for learning to build cob structures. (No code for this yet.)

Flying Hammer. Resource for straw and bale building. (No code for this yet.)


wonders of paint

Entryway remodel: from ick yellow to a gorgeous blue grey on the walls, aluminum leaf entry way ceiling to bring it up, and white stair spindles go back to wood.



After (but please note, this was taken on a darker day…)


I would still like to change that light fixture! So many things!

Check out more photos of the ceiling. One in process, each 4 inches is pressed up separately to get the effect.


And details of after…


IMG_0164 IMG_0165 IMG_0166 IMG_0167

beekeeping in Portland

There are quite a number of Portland resources if you are interested in beekeeping. This is an overview, in other posts I may dive in deeper to particular aspects.

Portland Urban Beekeepers is a group that meets monthly on the first Wednesday of every month (logo above.) They are a great source and wonderful place to start. They also have a Facebook group.

Here is a link to the City of Portland rules and regulations to obtain a permit for keeping bees in the city. This is important to consider. In our urban areas you must get all neighbors within 150 feet of your property line to sign a petition, plus take into account some other considerations for their setup.

Great article by Neighborhood Notes on beekeeping in Portland.

The people at Bridgetown Bees are working on a noble project to breed queens that can overwinter better in Portland.

Bee Thinking makes gorgeous cedar hives. They ship worldwide and happen to be headquartered in Portland.

Ruhl Bee Supply. I haven’t personally been to this store, but it seems cool from the site.

Queen of the Sun is an awesome documentary on the plight of bees in today’s world. One of the directors, Jon Betz, lives in Portland. There’s also a short segment in the film that takes place here. Watch the trailer below.

This last link is not Portland specific, but it is interesting information on apicentric beekeeping. Basically, the idea with this is a hive that is best for bees, not centered around honey production for humans.

I have a hive and lots of supplies, but no bees yet. I’m hoping to start beekeeping in the Spring of 2015. In the meantime, I am learning everything I can!