Mold Eaters

We had a local company called Mold Eaters come in to our office for our weekly meeting today. Brant Rude (certified DMP and CEMR) presented quite a bit of information and allowed us to ask questions. I never would have thought that a conversation about mold could be so interesting.

I was really excited to learn that a great way to fight mold is with 100% organic mold eating enzymes. Apparently, while bleach products will clean mold and kill it to a certain extent, it leaves behind mold that can later grow again.

Brant informed us that although concrete and plastic are not foods for mold, it can still grow there by eating the dust on the surface. Mold is very opportunistic!

People are often concerned that they might have black toxic mold. It turns out that many different types of mold can have a black color to them, not all of which are toxic. Also, other colors of mold can also be toxic or even have specific times that they are toxic. A mask rated n-95 can help protect you from air-borne spores.

Brant said that his company deals with mold in attic spaces quite often. It’s easy to live in a house for years without ever checking on what is going on up there. Sometimes incorectly installed vents from other places in the house bring moist air to the attic. Another issue he sees is with the insallation actually covering the attic vents, therefore trapping moisture inside the house.

Basements often have problems due to old concrete that wicks moisture into the house. In this case, there are products out there that can be painted on to create a seal.

Usually getting rid of mold has elements of removal and setting up the space to address moisture issues. Condensation, leaks, and seepage can all lead to a good mold enviornment. Dehumidifiers are great ways to combat this. French drains and pumps can help as well. Fans with built in humidity sensors can be quite helpful and energy efficient.

In addition to inspections, air quality testing, and mold removal Mold Eaters are also certified general contractors, so they can also insall vapor barriers and repair damage.

Thanks for coming out Brant!