Portland pup resources

Portland is a great town to have a dog in! There’s a staggering amount of dog-friendly parks and businesses here.

I’ve been organizing a local dog meet-up, so I’m researching new dog parks to meet people at every couple of weeks.

Official list of City of Portland Off-Leash Area Maps & Hours.

Near Portland, but a quick drive over to Troutdale is 1,000 Acres Park.

The Portland Pooch lists a number of the same parks, but they have a great map layout. They also have other resource lists like dog-friendly restaurants, dog-friendly housing, and more!

Portland Dog Parks have a Facebook page you can like to get updates.

Speaking of Facebook, check out the Portland Dog Lovers group for photos, videos, and resources.

Portland Dog-Lovers Meet-up, a group that holds events at dog parks and other locations around Portland.

Yelp! page for animal shelters in Portland.

Yelp! page for dog groomers in Portland.

Angie’s list reviews for veterinarians.