Van Hahn Vegetarian Restaurant

I have driven by Van Hahn countless times and had never gone in. It’s out on SE Division near 84th. The building is, at best, underwhelming. (At worst, it looks pretty sketch.) However, I recently read some reviews about it online that made me quite curious. Reportedly, the food is worth experiencing and the staff is volunteer-based. The women who work at Van Hahn are Buddhist monks, who operate the restaurant to raise funds for their temple.

Overall, I’m so glad I tried it! Absolutely delicious Vietnamese, but do make sure to be patient in regards to the service. The most interesting dish I tried is pictured below. It’s fake lemon chicken, which is quite curiously constructed to resemble chicken legs, complete with a lemongrass “bone.”

I just ate there yesterday and I am already plotting my return!

IMG_9509 IMG_9511 IMG_9512 IMG_9514