Beijing Hot Pot

2768 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR (when you get to this location, please be aware that the building is set back from 82nd, behind a building and past a parking lot.)

Beijing Hot Pot is a great place to go for an amazing eating experience. You order a type of broth and then different ingredients to add to it. Sounds simple enough, but the result is incredibly delicious and hilarious (when you don’t have much skill with the process.)

I recommend the spicy vegetarian broth. There are also neutral veggie and spicy/neutral meat broths available.

Some of my favorite ingredients are the needle mushrooms, bean curd strips, spinach, and homemade noodles. There’s a secret ingredient that is yummy as well: rice cakes. (Not the dry things you buy at the store, but small chewy coins.) We ordered them last night and the woman replied, “ah! you have been here before!” Sometimes they also have veggies that are not listed on the menu; last night we scored baby bok choy.

If you are a meat eater you might enjoy the huge piles of raw meat available… you cook them in the broth yourself.

As a last thought, I would recommend going with people you feel comfortable with. The broth is heated to boiling, but it does take family style sharing to a new level.

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