Month: March 2015

2015 Community Summit

This past weekend I attended Portland’s 2015 Community Summit. This was a free event, and the first time it was held for 10 years. If you missed it — make sure to write to our city council to tell them to bring it back every year!

I attended panels called Effective Advocacy, Living Cully: an Eco-District, a conversation with Mayor Hales, and Volunteer-Based Grant Writing.

It was quite inspirational, in terms of learning how to become more civically involved. I also really enjoyed witnessing the Mayor speak about his vision for the future of Portland. I also met some really great fellow citizens. It’s awesome to talk with people who are so tuned in and engaged.

I’d like to share the resources for volunteer-based grants:

East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District

Environmental Protection Agency

Gray Family Foundation Enviornmental Education Program


Myer Memorial Trust

Neighbors West-Northwest

Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Studies

Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement

Oregon Community Foundation

Oregon Humanities

Regional Arts and Culture Council

Social Justice Fund


West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District

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