Month: April 2016

Goodwill bee swarm

I took a swarm call today! It was a small one, but they seemed healthy and lively. They had landed on top of a van at Goodwill.


We had a hard time picking them up, until I realized I’d brought a piece of comb.

After that I put the comb in the box.


And then all the bees wanted to join the party. Here’s a shot where they are starting to fan and line up.

FullSizeRender_1We watched them file in for a while, then left the box there until after sunset. It is a really warm day and there was a bright parking light so a handful of bees was still on the top of the van. We slipped a piece of paper under them and shook them in.

Since we did a split recently, we will keep this Queen until we figure out if our bees have made themselves a new one. We may combine them eventually since this swarm is small, but we will see how they do.

They are all home safe in our backyard. It’s always such a rush to catch a swarm!