Buckman Community Association

I’m happy to share that last night I was elected as a Board member of the Buckman Community Association. The following is an approximation of the ad-hoc speech I gave.

“I’ve been coming to these meetings for about two years, off and on, when I can. I’d like to make a commitment to be more involved. I’m already quite involved in the community, I’m an OSU Master Gardener and Vice President of the Portland Urban Beekeepers, through that, I’m also Chair of the Tour de Hives committee this year (referring to flyers I had passed out earlier.) I’ve gone into elementary school classrooms to teach kids about pollinators, as well as teaching a class for adults called Gardening for Pollinators. My interest in beekeeping and teaching about this subject is a positive manifestation of my concern about the environment. Hearing the recent stories about lead in the drinking water of our schools and the Bullseye Glass Pollution makes me want to get involved at a deeper level. I want to channel my anger and concern in a positive direction. My partner and I, and my family, recently purchased a farm in Yachats, Oregon which we are making a permaculture farm and bee sanctuary. Splitting our time between the two places (well, we live in Buckman, but go to the farm when we can) has been interesting. There’s the small town thing there… in the four months we’ve had that land we’ve gotten to know more of out neighbors than we have here in years. We’ve been invited to their homes. I want to build community here — in Portland — in Buckman. I love being a connector, a hub for getting people to know each other and making things happen. I’m also a graphic designer (referring again to the flyer) and real estate broker, so I’m involved in the neighborhoods in that way as well. Thank you. I’d love to help!”

I’m really looking forward to being involved. I’ve got my eye on the Sustainability Committee. They have a very cool program matching up gardeners with open spaces in people’s yards and they seem to need assistance.