Month: September 2017

Newport News-Times article

My new brokerage printed an article announcing that I joined their company! Here’s the full text…

Advantage Real Estate in Newport is happy to welcome Laren Leland to the team. She brings three years of experience as a broker in Portland.

Leland just recently relocated to the area with her partner in order to spend more time at her family’s farm. Blossomwood Farmstead is located seven miles up Yachats River Road. Together, they are creating a bee sanctuary and permaculture learning garden.

Leland strongly believes in being stewards of the environment in all areas of life. This starts at home with energy efficient upgrades, using sustainable materials, planting pollinator gardens, and installing native landscaping. She is an Earth Advantage Certified Broker and a OSU Master Gardener and can connect people to resources that take these considerations into account.

In addition to working as a broker, she also personally invests in and manages various estates as part of her family’s business. This gives her ongoing practical experience with a wide range of activities, in everything from preparing properties for sale, updating homes for renters, and setting up properties for Airbnb.

Leland is an active supporter of the LGBTQI+ community, wholeheartedly embracing her fellow members by organizing and participating in community events and organizations.

Leland’s professional background is in graphic design and her Master’s Degrees are in Intermedia Art. She spends any free time she can find writing and creating.

She is also looking forward to becoming part of the coastal community. Check out her web site for updates on the farm, real estate posts, and fun projects. You can find it at:

Leland can be reached via text or phone at 503.883.1511. Advantage Real Estate is located at 205 E Olive St in Newport.


Flood Insurance information

At the quarterly meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Realtors, we had the chance to listen to a great presentation by Christine Shirley about the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP.)

Flooding concerns are a very timely subject, taking into account the hurricanes and general uptick in extreme weather. In fact, “flooding is the most prevalent and costly natural hazard in Oregon, and a component in 90% of the nation’s disasters.”

For someone considering buying a property in a flood zone, it’s incredibly important note that in order to finance the purchase with a loan, flood insurance will be required. There are quite a few factors that can influence the price of that insurance. It’s pretty safe to say that over time the price of flood insurance will continue to rise.

One huge takeaway from the presentation is that flood insurance is always transferable from the current owner to the new one. In cases of grandfathered zones and subsidized policies, this can make a huge difference in price.

Another good point is that you only need flood insurance to cover the value of the buildings being insured (not including the value of the land.) Shirley mentioned that many properties are over-insured because they are based on the price of the mortgage.

If your property is not in an official flood zone, but you have reason to worry about a flood, you can still obtain a “preferred risk” policy, which is often cheaper than the policies for flood zone properties.

Obtaining an elevation certificate is critical for figuring out how much flood insurance will be for a given property. These certificates are not maintained by any outside organizations, so the homeowner needs to make sure to retain them.

For more information about FEMA flood zones, check out

If you are considering purchasing or selling a property in a flood zone, I’d love to talk to you about all the aspects you should consider!