Month: February 2018

mole hills to bee buffets!

Do you have lots of mole hills in your lawn? Don’t despair! They could be the perfect way to introduce bee-friendly flowers.

Lawns that are a mixture of grass and flowering plants that are short enough to be mow-able are a great way to contribute to pollinator forage. There are commercial mixes available, such as this (untreated, bee-safe) version from American Meadows.

I just purchased one pound of organic white clover and walked my entire property, seeding every mole hill I encountered. Over time I’ll probably add other flowers too. I’ll post an update once they get growing!

free camping!

I just took a road trip from Oregon to New Mexico and back! In decompressing from the trip, I wanted to share resources with you all.

I’ve long romanticized about how fun it would be to get plugged into the free camping network, so on this trip we gave it a try!

We primarily used two web sites. Campendium (which has a great app) and which is a bit more rudimentary and tends to include more unoffical information, which can be great in a pinch.

At first, I was quite nervous about parking in free spots to camp, but we made sure to know the laws in the states we were traveling in and it went great. For example, in Oregon and California it’s legal to sleep in your vehicle for up to 8 hours in rest stops. It changes drastically state by state: New Mexico allows 24 hours.

Overall, I would say try to head for unincorporated land over rest stops, but that’s my personal preference.

Our favorite free camping spot was Loy Butte Road west of Sedona. The photo above is the view we had there. Beautiful.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!