Month: May 2018

1266 N Yachats River Rd

So excited about my newest listing! Just look at this gorgeous meadow and barn!

This property offers the dream a self-sustaining homestead. Located in the sought-after Yachats River Valley, the Siuslaw National Forest is your neighbor on three sides. A rustic cabin and yurt offer housing for farmhands or income potential.

There are multiple original homestead outbuildings, a green house, gardens, chicken and duck coops, established fruit trees and berries, gorgeous meadows, a treehouse platform, meditation hut, and a magical cedar grove. Four acres of farmland, sixty acres of land in total.

Located just 9.5 miles from the beach and charming town of Yachats.

I’ve created a very detailed site for it, so I will link you there. Visit the web site many more photos!

Guide to Yachats, Oregon

Yachats is a beautiful coastal town with an amazing community!

City of Yachats web site

Yachats Commons is home to many community events has great tourist information

local publications

community organizations

local radio stations

annual events


restaurants, cafes, bakeries


stores for necessities

places to stay

treat yourself!

Overleaf spa

lesser known events of note

  • monthly open mic night at the Green Salmon! Stop by on the third Sunday of the month at 7pm.
  • Big Band Swing dance


If you have a Yachats business, event, or anything else of note – please contact me (larenleland at gmail) if you would like to be added to this list!

magical tea house in Seal Rock

I can’t say enough nice words about LaFaye Art Studios in Seal Rock, Oregon. If you need a breath of fresh air, you’ll find it at her art gallery and tea shop. (Located at 10949 NW Pacific Coast Hwy 101, Seal Rock, Oregon.)

Upon entering, rose petals were sprinkled on the floor to welcome guests.

Artist Aria La Faye recently posted to a Facebook community group that I’m part of that she was looking for inspiration. She asked local folks to upload photos of the Waldport Bridge for her to use in a painting. Many folks did and mine was chosen! The prize was a print of the finished piece!

She has done almost all of the art, with a small rotating spot for a visiting artist. In addition to selling art, flower arrangements, and tea at the shop, she’s also an accomplished children’s book illustrator. She is ridiculously talented!

If all of this is not enough to win your heart, meet Miss Alice Pudgekins, the store bunny. Bunny therapy and organic tea… a winning combination!






Lincoln County Oregon resources

These resources might be helpful if you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate in Lincoln County…

My company has a great search function on our web site, which is directly connected to the Lincoln County listing service. Use it to look for properties here! There’s also a map version.

Here are the city web sites for the main area I work… City of Yachats, City of Waldport, and City of Newport.

If there’s a specific property you’d like to know more about, you can look it up using the Lincoln County property information search tool.

When dealing with rural property the Lincoln County planning department is a great place to go to ask for more detailed information. For example, they can look up permits and let you know about zoning laws or flood zones.

For more urban properties, you’ll want to visit the city planning department to learn more.

Curious about tsunami zones? Here’s a site with maps!

If you are coming from outside the area, check out Oregon road conditions to make sure you’ll have a safe drive.