Lincoln County Oregon resources

These resources might be helpful if you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate in Lincoln County…

My company has a great search function on our web site, which is directly connected to the Lincoln County listing service. Use it to look for properties here! There’s also a map version.

Here are the city web sites for the main area I work… City of Yachats, City of Waldport, and City of Newport.

If there’s a specific property you’d like to know more about, you can look it up using the Lincoln County property information search tool.

When dealing with rural property the Lincoln County planning department is a great place to go to ask for more detailed information. For example, they can look up permits and let you know about zoning laws or flood zones.

For more urban properties, you’ll want to visit the city planning department to learn more.

Curious about tsunami zones? Here’s a site with maps!

If you are coming from outside the area, check out Oregon road conditions to make sure you’ll have a safe drive.