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custom cabinets

When you go through a remodel, the options can be overwhelming. Here are photos of a few custom cabinets that I had made for my new closet. My shoes, boots, leather gloves, and jewelry now have great places to be displayed and stored! The jewelry and glove cabinets have two-sided full length mirrors on the doors. They open 180 degrees and face each other, so I can arrange them to see myself front and back. Pretty awesome!

IMG_2649IMG_2655 IMG_2657 IMG_2664 IMG_2667

tiny little door

On a broker’s tour today we saw a beautiful home with a very special detail. We first noticed a tiny little door to the left off of the main bedroom. (Incidentally, I also quite appreciated their shelf with a pillow on it, which I can only imagine is for a cat?) What we found through the door was a crawlspace that had been turned into a sitting meditation room. I love that you have to crawl in on hands and knees… what a great way to bring you into the moment. The rest of the home was beautiful as well. It just felt right.

IMG_2350IMG_2362 IMG_2365  IMG_2360