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Stella Taco

I just tried a new (to me) taco spot on Division. I enjoyed it, so thought I should spread the word!


I don’t eat most kinds of meat, so I love that they had three vegetarian options: mushroom mole, fried avocado(!) and black bean. YUM. All three for a total of $8. (They did have lots of meat options too!)

Cute tags, also. (Not scrawled on with sharpy as an afterthought like so many restaurants.) I’d strongly advise picking up some of their salsa, I was happy to have it as an accompaniment.



Fruit extravaganza!

Hey everyone! I took a break from blogging this summer, but now I’m back!

Let’s kick off with this great event called the “All About Fruit Show.” It happened today at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds.

If you ever wondered what a particular variety of apple tastes like, this show is your place to find out. They had over 600 different types to sample! It was overwhelming, but I did come away with a list of 10 that I loved.


Beyond apples, I also got to try my first pawpaw. Did you know they are native to North America? There was also seaberry juice, a whole table of hardy kiwi varieties, quince, pears, and more!

I highly recommend attending! Keep an eye out around this time of year in 2016 for your chance.

Here’s the hardy kiwi table.


And the grapes! I loved a dark purple variety called “Jupiter.” It tasted like a Concord, but it was seedless!


Devil’s Dill

Devil’s Dill is a scrumptious late night sandwich shop. They even have a gluten free option on New Cascadia baguettes. For me, half a sandwich is enough food for a meal. My two favorites are the number 9: cheddar, blue cheese crumbles, grilled asparagus, tomato jam and number 6: tuna, smoked olives, chow chow, red onion, and lemon aioli. They also have a lovely German potato salad, and huge pickles that they source locally.

They really do mean late night… make sure you know their hours. You can’t get a sandwich before 5, but they deliver for free until 2:30am!

You can find them at 1711 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214.

IMG_9745 IMG_9749 IMG_9748

Beijing Hot Pot

2768 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR (when you get to this location, please be aware that the building is set back from 82nd, behind a building and past a parking lot.)

Beijing Hot Pot is a great place to go for an amazing eating experience. You order a type of broth and then different ingredients to add to it. Sounds simple enough, but the result is incredibly delicious and hilarious (when you don’t have much skill with the process.)

I recommend the spicy vegetarian broth. There are also neutral veggie and spicy/neutral meat broths available.

Some of my favorite ingredients are the needle mushrooms, bean curd strips, spinach, and homemade noodles. There’s a secret ingredient that is yummy as well: rice cakes. (Not the dry things you buy at the store, but small chewy coins.) We ordered them last night and the woman replied, “ah! you have been here before!” Sometimes they also have veggies that are not listed on the menu; last night we scored baby bok choy.

If you are a meat eater you might enjoy the huge piles of raw meat available… you cook them in the broth yourself.

As a last thought, I would recommend going with people you feel comfortable with. The broth is heated to boiling, but it does take family style sharing to a new level.

IMG_9522 IMG_9631 IMG_9633 IMG_9634 IMG_9635IMG_9629(1)


Rimsky-Korsakoffee House

When I really want to give visitors a taste of that special Portland weirdness, I take them over to Rimsky’s for dessert and/or coffee. It’s not just a coffeehouse, it’s an experience not to be missed. Speaking of experiences, make sure to sneak upstairs to use the restroom at some point in your time there — it’s worth it!

Situated in an old Portland home, it feels like you’re sitting in the living room of a very extravagant neighbor. The interior is decorated with hanging photos, collages under glass tabletops, and very loud wallpaper.

Important to note is that it is a cash only establishment. The service can sometimes be a bit off, but sometimes it’s been great. There is often live-music performances, which are compensated solely by tip, so bring a little extra.

Also, most importantly — I should mention — the dessert is fantastic!

Here’s some historical information about it on Wikipedia.

707 Southeast 12th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214

Check out some photos…

IMG_8749  IMG_8757 IMG_8745 IMG_8754 IMG_8747 IMG_8746 IMG_8748

what to plant in January?

I don’t know about you, but come mid-January I really start to miss my vegetable garden. I belong to a Facebook group called Portland Organic Gardening. On it people share tips and tricks, plus local resources. I just recently asked when and what people start planting veggies and was happy with the feedback. One member pointed me to this chart, offered by Portland Nursery.

Looks like for January we can be seeding radishes outdoors! Indoors we can start: artichoke, arugula, endive, fava beans, kale, leeks, lettuce, mustard, onions, peas, scallions, and spinach!

Suddenly I have a very long to-do list!

Van Hahn Vegetarian Restaurant

I have driven by Van Hahn countless times and had never gone in. It’s out on SE Division near 84th. The building is, at best, underwhelming. (At worst, it looks pretty sketch.) However, I recently read some reviews about it online that made me quite curious. Reportedly, the food is worth experiencing and the staff is volunteer-based. The women who work at Van Hahn are Buddhist monks, who operate the restaurant to raise funds for their temple.

Overall, I’m so glad I tried it! Absolutely delicious Vietnamese, but do make sure to be patient in regards to the service. The most interesting dish I tried is pictured below. It’s fake lemon chicken, which is quite curiously constructed to resemble chicken legs, complete with a lemongrass “bone.”

I just ate there yesterday and I am already plotting my return!

IMG_9509 IMG_9511 IMG_9512 IMG_9514

Kure Juice

Kure Juice is my favorite juice place! I almost always get the Extra Mile. It’s made with coconut milk yogurt, coconut meat, kale, almond butter, coconut water, honey, and ice. So delicious. Of course there are many other flavors on the menu.

Don’t forget to pick up a card. After you collect 75 points, you get a free juice!

I’ve always gone to their 4409 SE Hawthorne location, but they have other ones as well.

Full menu and location information available on Kure’s web site.