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Village Merchants

Village Merchants might be my very favorite second hand shop in Portland. This is mostly because they have a great balance between coolness factor and price. (Cheaper places have a bunch of junk, but lots of places with cool stuff are too expensive for second hand.) They are at the corner of SE Division and 41st. Here’s their page for more info.

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Logik the Salon

If you’re in SE Portland and looking for a hot new hairdo, check out Logik the Salon. My friend and stylist Kim Wright is the owner/operator. It’s worth stopping in just to see what color her hair is!

She does a great job with cut and color. I went in the first time with a yellowish bleach job that I had paid way too much for elsewhere. She was able to fix it and hit a gorgeous platinum blonde color for me. Awesome. She’s also not afraid to try something unexpected or new. And, in addition to Kim, there are other talented hair stylists in her salon too.

One of my favorite things is that I can make appointments over a Facebook chat! So easy. Visit Logik’s site.

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