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magical tea house in Seal Rock

I can’t say enough nice words about LaFaye Art Studios in Seal Rock, Oregon. If you need a breath of fresh air, you’ll find it at her art gallery and tea shop. (Located at 10949 NW Pacific Coast Hwy 101, Seal Rock, Oregon.)

Upon entering, rose petals were sprinkled on the floor to welcome guests.

Artist Aria La Faye recently posted to a Facebook community group that I’m part of that she was looking for inspiration. She asked local folks to upload photos of the Waldport Bridge for her to use in a painting. Many folks did and mine was chosen! The prize was a print of the finished piece!

She has done almost all of the art, with a small rotating spot for a visiting artist. In addition to selling art, flower arrangements, and tea at the shop, she’s also an accomplished children’s book illustrator. She is ridiculously talented!

If all of this is not enough to win your heart, meet Miss Alice Pudgekins, the store bunny. Bunny therapy and organic tea… a winning combination!