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Bee swarm!

My partner and I got a chance to catch our first feral bee swarm today! Pretty wild!

The photo above is what it looked like from directly below.

Here’s a photo of the tree so you can see what it looked like from far away.

IMG_0183 copy

This is the nuke box once we had caught most of them. (I used my leather bee gloves to pick up hand fulls from the swarm and put them into the box as Sara held it up. We had a friendly passerby take a full video of us both up on ladders getting them into the box, but it might be a few days before he sends it to us.)


We think we saw the Queen at one point, but there were bees flying everywhere! It was a bit hard to tell.

Here’s a video of me gently pulling hand fulls of bees into the hive once we got them home.

All done! I hope they are happy in their new home!