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kitchen remodel

I love my home. However, when I bought it I didn’t love the size of the kitchen. It was a galley kitchen — basically a long hallway at the back of the house. I had it remodeled by Dave Rush, photos below! I’m very happy with it. Since I loved the finishes already in the kitchen, we kept and reused everything we could that was already there. The above image was the concept drawing, which was supplied by the cabinet maker. Alice Designs  and Domestic Arts also had a hand in the process.

Kitchen before (hard to photograph, since it was so long and narrow):

kitchen_before kitchen_before1

We couldn’t find exactly the same counter material. So, this is the schist I chose. (So gorgeous!) I really enjoyed visiting the warehouse to see all the giant slabs. It is a beautiful grey/silver, with a naturally formed metallic pattern flowing through. It’s called Black Ocean.


The upheaval during the remodel.

IMG_4605 IMG_4761 IMG_5132  IMG_5258 IMG_5262 IMG_5459 IMG_5482

After — all done! So lovely. (You can see a peek into the conservatory, which will be featured in another post.)

IMG_5770 IMG_5771 IMG_5876  IMG_5911