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Refinishing hardwood

There’s an old 1916 farm house on Blossomwood Farmstead. When we purchased it there was unfortunate 70’s wood click-together flooring upstairs in two rooms. There was also, a plywood platform for a king bed in a room that was much too small for it. The third room had grey painted fir sub-floor. (There are additional issues to address — the walls need paint, lack of light/view, no egress windows, etc… but this post is just about the floors.)


We started the project by pulling up the 70’s squares and plywood platform… we were not positive what we would find below, but we hoped it would all be fir sub-floor like the third room.

IMG_2314Looking good! So we decided to carry on and remove all the wood tiles, then refinish the floor.



IMG_2328There was a layer of paper, which was nice, because look at all that dirt it had collected. What would be under the paper?


Painted wood floor. And… sadly, plywood filler. Here’s the whole floor once we had everything up.

IMG_2337We realized that we would have to find some old fir flooring to match. We sourced it at Aurora Mills, which is a great architectural salvage operation. Here are the boards we picked out.

IMG_2520 IMG_2522Back at the farm our caretaker went to work sanding the floor. She also tore out the plywood and replaced it with the fir we got her. Cedar (my partner) helped too. What a job! Check out the difference between the sanded portion and the dark old floor.


We did some research and decided to go with OSMO to finish it. AND… drum roll please … the finished floors? Gorgeous!

IMG_3107 IMG_3111Before/after of the same room. (Different times of day, but you get the idea!)

before_afterIt’s hard to believe they are the same floors we started with! There are quite a few more projects to come, but we are really happy to have started from the ground up.

wonders of paint

Entryway remodel: from ick yellow to a gorgeous blue grey on the walls, aluminum leaf entry way ceiling to bring it up, and white stair spindles go back to wood.



After (but please note, this was taken on a darker day…)


I would still like to change that light fixture! So many things!

Check out more photos of the ceiling. One in process, each 4 inches is pressed up separately to get the effect.


And details of after…


IMG_0164 IMG_0165 IMG_0166 IMG_0167

custom cabinets

When you go through a remodel, the options can be overwhelming. Here are photos of a few custom cabinets that I had made for my new closet. My shoes, boots, leather gloves, and jewelry now have great places to be displayed and stored! The jewelry and glove cabinets have two-sided full length mirrors on the doors. They open 180 degrees and face each other, so I can arrange them to see myself front and back. Pretty awesome!

IMG_2649IMG_2655 IMG_2657 IMG_2664 IMG_2667