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SE Uplift is an organization that is involved in all kinds of projects in SE Portland. Check out their October calendar.

They linked to this page, with upcoming workshops from the East Multnomah soil and water conservation district.

SW Neighborhoods Inc. includes neighborhood associations and business associations.

NE Neighborhood Coalition is the greater organization for all NE neighborhood associations.

NW District Association is comprised of citizens representing residential, commercial and institutional interests in the District.

Parke Diem is a great all over Portland parks project.

OSU Extension Services Master Gardener Program. Education in gardening and volunteering.

OSU Extension Services Master Beekeeper Program. Similar to above, but focused on bees!





broker tour 9.30.14

Some gorgeous homes on this tour!

2630 SE 43rd Ave, Portland OR 97206. Offered at $409,000.

Nice finishes on this close-in bungalow. Recently remodeled.

IMG_0799 IMG_0793 IMG_0794 IMG_0795 IMG_0796 IMG_0797 IMG_0798

7728 SE 7th Ave, Portland, OR 97202. Offered at $525,000.

This one pulled my heart strings. Lovely garden with a greenhouse, beautiful finishes, and just a really warm feeling overall. The garden was designed by the owner, who was previously the education director of the Portland Japanese Garden. I love the secret storage through the closet. (Contact me for more info, this one is not coming up on our company site.)

IMG_0839 IMG_0840 IMG_0841 IMG_0842 IMG_0845 IMG_0846 IMG_0843 IMG_0847 IMG_0848 IMG_0849  IMG_0852 IMG_0853  IMG_0855 IMG_0854

2827 SE 49th Ave, Portland, OR 97206. Offered at $524,800.

This listing is offered by two brokers at Portland Digs. Cute little bungalow, this price is a rare find so close-in.

14286829-1 14286829-3 14286829-4 14286829-5 14286829-7 14286829-8 IMG_0672 IMG_0802 IMG_0804 IMG_0809

7941 SE 35th Ave, Portland, OR 97202. Offered at $629.000.

Darling from the outside! And lovely inside too.

IMG_0823 IMG_0826 IMG_0838 IMG_0829 IMG_0827 IMG_0830 IMG_0831 IMG_0832 IMG_0833 IMG_0834 IMG_0828


Kure Juice

Kure Juice is my favorite juice place! I almost always get the Extra Mile. It’s made with coconut milk yogurt, coconut meat, kale, almond butter, coconut water, honey, and ice. So delicious. Of course there are many other flavors on the menu.

Don’t forget to pick up a card. After you collect 75 points, you get a free juice!

I’ve always gone to their 4409 SE Hawthorne location, but they have other ones as well.

Full menu and location information available on Kure’s web site.

Village Merchants

Village Merchants might be my very favorite second hand shop in Portland. This is mostly because they have a great balance between coolness factor and price. (Cheaper places have a bunch of junk, but lots of places with cool stuff are too expensive for second hand.) They are at the corner of SE Division and 41st. Here’s their page for more info.

IMG_0134IMG_0135 IMG_0136  IMG_0139IMG_0138IMG_0140


property tour 9.12.14

I took a tour of a wide range of things on the market. Enjoy!

3904 NE Hazelfern Place, Portland, Oregon

$799,900. Very new feel. Lovely kitchen!

IMG_0086 IMG_0087 IMG_0088

3840 NE Couch St, Portland, Oregon

$554,900. Corner lot. Check out that wild bathroom!

IMG_0090  IMG_0092 IMG_0093

4738 SE Madison St, Portland, Oregon

$399,900. Cute. Nice living and dining room. Great kids spaces.

IMG_0094 IMG_0097 IMG_0098 IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0101 IMG_0102 IMG_0103 IMG_0104

4814 SE Lincoln St, Portland, Oregon

$499,900 Old, funky feel that I really loved. Neat details — check out the metal corners in the stairs. Cool chair made of tree trunk. I ate a delicious plum (most had fallen to ground.)

IMG_0105 IMG_0106 IMG_0107 IMG_0108 IMG_0109 IMG_0110 IMG_0111 IMG_0112 IMG_0113

4849 SE Caruthers St, Portland, Oregon

$279,000. Very small, but cute and great price for the neighborhood.

IMG_0114 IMG_0115 IMG_0116 IMG_0117 IMG_0118 IMG_0119

2373 SE 44th Ave, Portland, Oregon

$439,000. Stylish loft condo. Nice outdoor common areas.

IMG_0120 IMG_0122 IMG_0125 IMG_0126 IMG_0127 IMG_0128  IMG_0130 IMG_0131 IMG_0132
145 SE 30th Ave, Portland, Oregon

$549,000. Cute house. Quirky. Nice outdoor space.

IMG_0148 IMG_0149 IMG_0150 IMG_0151 IMG_0152 IMG_0153 IMG_0154 IMG_0155 IMG_0156 IMG_0157 IMG_0158 IMG_0159

Logik the Salon

If you’re in SE Portland and looking for a hot new hairdo, check out Logik the Salon. My friend and stylist Kim Wright is the owner/operator. It’s worth stopping in just to see what color her hair is!

She does a great job with cut and color. I went in the first time with a yellowish bleach job that I had paid way too much for elsewhere. She was able to fix it and hit a gorgeous platinum blonde color for me. Awesome. She’s also not afraid to try something unexpected or new. And, in addition to Kim, there are other talented hair stylists in her salon too.

One of my favorite things is that I can make appointments over a Facebook chat! So easy. Visit Logik’s site.

IMG_0079 IMG_0081 IMG_0080


50 Licks

It’s been so warm in Portland this summer, but luckily we have a lot of delicious ice cream stores to try! 50 Licks is just around the corner from Portland Digs. They have very creative flavors that are a bit more subtle than similar artisanal ice cream shops. I like subtle. I tried jasmine tea ice cream, a coconut saffron vegan flavor, and ended up purchasing Tahitian vanilla with bee pollen as topping. Yum. I got it in a cup out of habit, but then found out that their waffle cones are gluten-free! She gave me one for free since I was so excited about that. Also fun, is the art on the walls. They are common pastoral landscapes that you might find in a second hand store, but someone has painted in giant ice cream cones.

IMG_2640 copyIMG_2634 copy  IMG_2633 copy IMG_2641